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Radon testing is easy, affordable and accurate! If your home has not yet been tested for radon gas, the time to act is now! Radon is the #1 leading causing of lung cancer in non-smokers in the USA and is responsible for over 20,000 deaths annually.

Radon testing in Essex home

Test our home today. Why risk it?

Radon Testing Steps:

Step 1: The EPA recommends performing two tests simultaneously and averaging the results. This is the most cost-effective and accurate way to test your home. (Radon test kits are available from your local hardware store or state health agency.)

Step 2: Conduct the radon tests. Your radon kits will come with some simple instructions that you can follow. Setting up a radon test is easy and should take no longer than a few minutes of your time. The testing period for the kits is 48 to 90 hours. We recommend starting the test Friday morning and then mailing the test kits off on Monday.

Step 3: Mail your Free radon kit to the lab. Seal the package and send it to the lab specified on the package for analysis. Make sure to fill out all the information on the information card and use adequate postage!  Within a few weeks, the results of your test should arrive (either by mail or email).

Why is this the best option to test?

Convenient: You can place the test kits yourself on your own timeline without scheduling an appointment.

Accurate: By performing 2 test kits simultaneously you will have an EPA approved radon level score in weeks that you can act on, if necessary.

Affordable: Most radon test kits are around $10. 

When the Results are In

If your results show 4.0 pCi/L or higher, contact Innovative Basement Systems for a free Radon Mitigation System estimate

Many homeowners will seek mitigation services even if the results are lower than 4.0 — as there is no "healthy" level of radon, and many organizations have a much lower recommended action level than 4.0 pCi/L (for example, the World Health Organization sets the radon action level at 2.7 pCi/L). Radon levels can be controlled by installing a radon mitigation system in your home. Radon Mitigation Systems are affordable and installed in only one day by our highly trained and skilled technicians! 

Innovative Basement Systems of Minnesota services Alexandria, Saint Cloud, Brainerd, Fergus Falls, Bemidji, Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, Bemidji, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, Thief River Falls, Saint Joseph, East Grand Forks, Little Falls, Crookston, Waite Park, Baxter, and the surrounding areas.

We also provide HUD multi-family radon testing and mitigation. HUD's multi-family radon policy requires that all radon testing and mitigation be performed by a certified radon professional.

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