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Boathouse Foundation Repair Company Serving Saint Cloud, Brainerd, Alexandria & Nearby

Boathouse Foundation Repair Job

Innovative Basement Systems can stabilize your boathouse's foundation and repair any structural issues.

Boathouses face a great deal of stress on a daily basis as their location on the water leaves them exposed to wind and the elements. In addition, boathouses are heavier than docks which means that a boathouse foundation is more likely to sink or settle. That's why it's essential to deal with any warning signs of foundation damage in your boathouse as quickly as possible so that you can ensure the structure stays stable and safe.

Innovative Basement Systems provides expert boathouse foundation repair services throughout Saint Cloud, Alexandria, Brainerd, and nearby in MN. To schedule your free boathouse repair estimate, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Lasting structural repairs for boathouses in MN

If you've been noticing signs of structural damage in your boathouse, Innovative Basement Systems is the local foundation repair contractor that you can rely on. Our wall stabilization and foundation repair services are not exclusive to homes – we also know how to repair a boathouse with long-lasting, proven foundation repair products.

Signs such as foundation wall cracks, stair-step cracks and separation around the windows and doors are all signs of a serious foundation problem for your boathouse.

Look out for these signs that your boathouse's foundation may be failing:

The Problem:
  • Foundation settling or sinking. Look out for stair-step cracking, jamming doors, separation or cracks around windows and doors, slab floor cracking, or drywall cracks in your boathouse. These are all common signs of foundation settlement.
  • Bowing and cracking walls Look out for inward bowing or bulging along the boathouse walls, diagonal cracks at the wall corners, or horizontal stair-step cracks along the walls. These are signs that you have a problem with bowing or buckling walls.
Our Solutions:
  • Push pier systems. We use foundation push piers to stabilize the base of your boathouse's foundation. These straight, steel piers attach to the foundation and work together to transfer the boathouse structure's weight to a more stable footing.
  • PowerBrace™ and wall anchors. We use our PowerBrace™ foundation wall repair system to stabilize your boathouse's foundation walls in addition to our Geo-Lock™ wall anchor system. These products will stabilize the bowing walls and straighten them over time.

We support Department of Natural Resources (DNR) shoreline building restrictions

At Innovative Basement Systems, we fully support DNR shoreline building restrictions. We want to help lake home/cabin owners restore the structural integrity of their boathouses without interfering with the lake's aquatic life.

To learn more about DNR permits and whether one is required to repair your boat house or boat storage structure that is adjacent to a lake or river, contact your city or county planning/zoning authority. The DNR can also advise you on permit requirements if you have an existing in-water structure that needs repair.

If you have any questions about boathouse structural repair or are ready to schedule your boathouse repair quote, don't hesitate to contact the boat house repair experts at Innovative Basement Systems today. We offer our trusted boathouse foundation repair services in Bemidji, Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, Moorhead, Sartell, Bemidji, Sauk Rapids and throughout Central MN.

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